We’ve covered many areas of Testuff test management this month. You’ll easily notice that as always, the changes included are designed to make your work easier, faster and better. It can be a major change (i.e. new tracker integration – LeanKit) or a minor change (i.e. assigning executed tests to the same tester again) – doesn’t matter. The purpose and result are to help you make more of Testuff, while working less time with it… The enhancements list is long, you’ll surely find a few of them useful for you.
We’re already working on next month’s version. There’s always something to wait for.

Here are this month’s version enhancements:


  • New option to create a new lab with Only failed tests of another lab. This adds to 4 other options when creating a lab, and helps better planning and management of the testing cycles.
  • Existing runs can be now assigned to the Same assignee. Easier and faster request to retest tests, by the same tester.
  • The tests Comments Editor improved, and allows copying of text in it.

Bug Trackers

  • New integration introduced: Welcome LeanKit!
  • Bugzilla: Enhanced URL support.
  • Clarizen: New API implemented for better, richer integration.

More on this version:


  • Requirements imported from your tracker can be updated now with changes made in the tracker. Simply import again to get the latest changes.
  • You can now import your first requirement from your tracker, even if no requirements yet on screen.


  • Link to show details of a linked requirement added on both the suite and test corresponding windows (Linked requirement for a suite and Test properties for a test).
  • Better teamwork: When two testers work on the same test simultaneously, editing it, advice message is prompt to prevent overwriting edits and changes already saved.
  • Send by email: When sending a test by email, a new link is now included in the email, directing the user straight to the specific test (Web app only).

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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