A new report, additional video file attachment on runs, more information on requirement export/import… and more. The journey continues with all those changes that are aimed to make your work easier and faster.
Keep sending us your feature requests and suggestions. We listen.

Here’s the list of enhancements for this month’s version:

Test Runner

Web-app Test Runner shows now the list of saved video files, so you can add any video to the test, be it passed or failed status test.

Defects Burn Down Report

New report on Defects – Burn down. This report, together with the defects Progress report, will help you to better manage your defects handling process.

More in this version:

  • Requirements: Export and Import of the requirements are included now the field values (type, risk, category and owner for export).
  • User Management: When deleting a user from the account, their assigned but not-run-yet tests are saved in the lab (under No tester). Note that completed tests are never deleted.
  • Print to browser of assigned test (Labs, My tasks) includes now not only the project and branch names, but the test’s suite location as well. Making it easier for the tester is always our priority.

Enjoy Testing,
The Testuff Team

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