In the last two releases we’ve introduced a few enhancements to our bug tracker integration.
Adding your tracker custom fields for Jira and Mantis was one to mention.
Testuff 1.27 takes it yet another step forward, allowing you to add your predefined and custom tracker fields to the bug reporter.

User-customization control doesn’t stop there. You can now Hide/Show columns on the Defects and My Tasks tabs.

Here’s a list of all new enhancements included in Testuff 1.27:

  • Enhanced integration with bug trackers:
    • Populate all bug tracker predefined fields from Testuff
    • Control which fields to show in the bug reporter
    • Add bug tracker custom fields to the bug reporter
  • Column customization:
    • Right click on table header to hide/show columns
    • Change column size
    • Change sort order
  • Attach files to requirements
  • New tab layout for Tests and Defects
  • Improved server model to boost server performance

Stay tuned for the next version. There’s always something to wait for.

Tips of the month:

  1. To pass more than one test at the same time, mark a group of tests in the Lab, then right-click them and select “Mark as passed”.
  2. Ask your team member to run a test directly from the Tests view by a simple right-click–>assign option.