We’ve got good news, great news, and even better news.

First the good

Roughly 12 months ago, we predicted that 2012 would be the SaaS Test Management Solution Year – and we’ve made good on that promise.

Starting with Testuff 1.38 last November, we’ve successfully released 11 separate on-time monthly updates, with the 12th release (Testuff 1.49) scheduled within a week or so.

Each one of these updates made our software test management suite easier to use, more secure, and better able to handle the diverse needs of our increasingly diverse customer base. Notable improvements included:

  • The ability to support multiple integrated trackers simultaneously (a new milestone within the software testing industry)
  • 2-way synchronization between Testuff and the integrated external bug trackers
  • Enhanced user experience for large groups, including companies with remote teams spread around the globe
  • Redesigned requirements screen, including a range of new functions and options
  • A number of API enhancements
  • New reporting capabilities for even more accurate (and faster) debugging
  • A number of user-requested features and graphical improvements (we never stop listening to you guys).

In addition, we’ve continued to fine-tune our customer support, consistently keeping average response times at or below 5 hours. In most instances, we manage to resolve new cases in under 2 hours. When you consider that our users are spread in so many separate time zones across the globe, that’s no small feat for a customer support team of our size.

Lastly, 2012 was notable because we reached 6 data centers, each designed for optimal performance and scalability. And with disaster recovery times of up to 1 hour, we can ensure zero data loss – even in the event of major natural disasters.

Now the great news.

The world didn’t end on December 21, 2012 as so many had predicted.

Depending on how you feel about Mayan doomsday scenarios, this news could have easily come last in our list. After all, we made it. That’s definitely cause for celebration.

But if you’re as excited about software testing as we are, you’ll see how the world’s continued existence sets the stage for our biggest announcement.

And now the best news of all.

2013 will be the year of Testuff’s first truly Web-based software test management solution.

This is more of a promise than a prediction since we’ve been working diligently on this upcoming release all year long. We took a very brief pause to see how the whole Mayan apocalypse would pan out, but at midnight December 22, we got back to work. 2013 promises to be an exciting year once the Web version goes live.

What to expect from this upcoming release?

We blogged briefly about some of the awesome features and advantages of our SaaS Web-based software test management platform, but the 2 primary benefits include:

  1. Consistency of user experience for anyone accustomed to our light client platform. You get all the same great features of our current flagship product, plus a number of new and improved functions we could only have released through a Web-based solution.
  2. The ability to work remotely and securely anywhere in the world – on any computer and operating system with an Internet connection.

And finally, we’d like to close out with a heartfelt “Happy Holidays” to everyone out there, whether you’re a veteran Testuff user or a total novice. We hope that you continue with us on this exciting journey as we make software testing even easier and more enjoyable.

Have a fantastic new year – see you in 2013.

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