As we come to the end of our most successful year, it is summary days. We are going into our 5th full year, and this is already the fourth summary we write. Time flies.

In each of the previous years, we wrote a short summary about how the year was, and what did we do that year. We talked about our plans for the next year. Since this is holidays season, tradition and all in the air, we’ll continue ours (tradition) as well…

As we’ve mentioned last year, December 31st is no different than January 1st for us same as it is, we’re sure, for you. Work continues, old and new apps to test, existing and new features to try, old and new colleagues to work with. However, in the spirit of the time, new year and all, we sit back for a few minutes, stop the daily routine and think about what happened here and what do we wish would happen….

And so, keeping the same format of last years here it is:

What did we do

We have managed, yet again, 12 new versions, as planned. Not obvious, not easy, but thanks to our developers and testers we have made it. These versions were rich with useful features. Just a few as example:

  • Share reports
  • Synchronize Defect Status directly from your tracker
  • Defect Template
  • Integration with Clarizen, Youtrack, ChiliProject, activeCollab, Basecamp
  • Improved integration with all bug trackers: custom fields support and more
  • New API
  • Audit Trail
  • New Reports
  • Test editor Spell Checker
  • Template Tags
  • Server framework upgraded from CherryPy+Sql Alchemy to Django
  • Added internal bug tracking functionality to Tesuff for those who don’t use one
  • Added Customization for a few objects

And there are so many more. If you are a user, you know them and have witnessed and enjoyed the monthly progress. If you are not a user…. well, time you became one.

What else? It’s a repeat of 2009, 2010:

  • 2011 was another year of growth for us. Many new customers from many countries, have joined our community.
  • We worked hard to keep on the good service and smooth operations. From the feedback we get it looks we manged not bad.
  • Our support team had kept their average response time of less than 3 hours to any incoming email.
  • We’ve continued to improve our back-end infrastructure, added data centers in several countries and prepared ourselves for another year of growth.

What didn’t we do

We also failed on a few things. There are one or two tricky bugs which we are hunting for some time now, so far with no luck. There’s progress, and we know we will catch them, it is only frustrating while it lasts.

What will we do

We can promise that:

  • We will continue to be #1 SaaS Test Management Solution.
  • There will be 12 new monthly significant versions.
  • Customers will still be the #1 source for what should be included on these versions.
  • We will introduce new services.

What we won’t do

  • As always, we won’t be annoying any customer or registered user with too many emails.
  • We won’t stop enjoying what we do :-)

Happy Holiday Season To All !