What is Run Configuration?

Run Configuration allows you to specify the configuration you are running the tests on. It enables better test process management and helps to fix bugs in a particular configuration.

How do I use Run Configuration?

Run configuration information can be assigned per test. Assigning a run configuration value to a test ensures the test is linked to the correct configuration it was run with.

In the Labs area, when assigning tests to testers, you’ll be also able to select the run configuration for the assigned tests. Note that you can select more than one, creating different runs for the test, each with a different run configuration value.

Can I have separate value lists for different projects?

Yes you can. Go to the Project Settings window, select the Customization tab, and enter your values for this project. These values will show up on the list of available values, when assigning tests, overwriting the account global list of run configuration values.

Where can I view Run Configuration information for tests?

Run Configuration information is saved for each test run, and can be found in the run history. Run Configuration is also a part of all defect reports and get exported to your bug tracker.