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Efficient. Productive. Improved operations. Better team communications. Time and cost savings.
Businesses working in a fast growing pace can quickly become entangled with a complex application landscape. Any software project presents different experts, working with different tools and solutions. Testuff understands where and how you work, and have created for you integration options that will help you to focus on your project, sending and receiving data from Testuff.

  • Work with Testuff test management, and report defects directly to the tracker, so developers see the reports with all of the details of the test and the defect.
  • Defect report includes screenshots, file attachments and Testuff unique defect-video files.
  • Control your defect template. Design its content and looks.
  • Map any tracker’s custom field in Testuff, and report it with the defect.
  • Get automatic status updates for the defects, as these are changed by developers in the tracker.
  • Receive test automation results into Testuff, and manage the manual and automated testing in one place.