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What are test labs?

Test labs allow you to organize your test cycles. The QA lead sets up a new test lab, selects the tests that should participate in it, and assigns them to the various testers. The testers start testing away, and the lead probes the status every now and then on which tests passed, failed, are still in progress, or haven’t yet been executed. Time Management allows you to better plan and monitor test execution across your entire team.

Can I choose the testers assigned to a lab?

Only the testers assigned to the team will show on the lab screen.

How do I set up a lab?

  1. Go to the Labs tab.
  2. Right click the lab area and choose Add lab.
  3. Enter a lab name.
  4. If there are previous labs, you may choose to automatically add all the tests from one of them, only the failed tests, or just the incomplete ones (in progress or failed) under Initialize lab. This is useful when you need to run the same set of tests again and again at various intervals, or if you wish to rerun failed and incomplete tests from a previous lab.
  5. Assign suites and/or tests to testers in your team by dragging and dropping them from the bottom of the screen to the relevant tester at the top. Alternatively, right click a test or suite and choose Assign. Testers with assigned tasks will see them in the My Tasks tab.
  6. Hide testers with no assigned tests via the link at the top to see only those working on the particular lab.


You can use the test filter to view only a subset of test cases you need to assign. Simply click on filter and apply one or more filters. You can then drag and drop a suite or tests, and only those which aren’t filtered out will be assigned to the tester.

Filters are available in the tab, where a tester assigned tests are listed. This can help with reviewing this tester’s executions, tests that are still waiting to be executed, etc.

What about checking lab status?

  1. Return to the Labs tab to check on the status.
  2. Take a quick glance at the lab status in the Overview tab under Labs.
  3. You may also export labs to Excel if you wish to capture and view lab status outside Testuff. Click the home icon at the top of the window, and choose Backup to Excel from the bottom right.

Yes. Right click on a lab and choose Print. You can select to print Test status by testers or Test status by suites for the lab. You can also print all lab defects.

Recording Test Videos Help Index Organizing Project Teams